The Best Radar Detector: Escort Passport 9500ix

I was browsing Amazon Best Products yesterday and came across the Escort Passport 9500ix, a beauty of a radar detector listed. Now this laser detector is not the cheapest but is one of the best that you can buy for your vehicle. This gadget has all the features that you would expect on a high end product but is retailing about $400 right now on Amazon.

Some of the features are great but my favourite is the auto learn facility. This stores all the cameras and speed traps so that you don’t get spotted speeding by these police traps. The feature even stores new cameras as and when you are driving close to them but not close enough that you get caught it can detect well in advance. This will save you money and speeding points.

This product from Escort is top of their range presently. the passport 9500ix radar detector will pay for itself within a year or less if you hit the road a lot. This is available in red and blue and contains usb lead and monitoring pack to setup this detector with ease.

Top Summer Tires for Sale

There are a few new models already getting released for the summer market all over the United States of America.

All the major brands are releasing new sport summer and all terrain tire ranges. Several websites are offering new sale tires on heavy discounts to entice customers in one such online only information website that has a neutral stance over what tires for sale they recommend is


Firestone, Bridgestone and Vulcan have recommended tire ranges that specialize in all condition for all places here in the USA. UHP Summer tires, performance tires and general all conditions are the best selling tires in the US.


Its important to always check your tire pressure and tread monthly to keep on top of your car maintenance. Tires will not perform to their maximum if you dont look after them.


A frequent balance and wheel balance will improve the life of your tires and should be also performed on a regular basis.